(SAN FRANCISCO, CA; December 5, 2016) – BACK OF THE HOUSE restaurant group continues to grow its footprint in the San Francisco Bay Area market announcing two new concepts under the direction of CEO & Founder Adriano Paganini. Bringing the group to 10 distinct concepts, The Bird, a fast-casual fried chicken concept, opened in the SOMA district of San Francisco in October 2016 and Flores, a full-service Mexican concept, opened in the city’s Marina District on November 28, 2016. Over the past seven years, Paganini has thoughtfully grown BACK OF THE HOUSE from a single unit to 20 thriving locations with nearly 1,000 employees.

With expansion plans moving into 2017, BACK OF THE HOUSE will also open a brand new concept in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood in addition to the expansion of existing Uno Dos Tacos and Super Duper Burgers locations in the Bay Area’s South and East Bays.

The Bird

The Bird embodies the art of simplicity and approachability by limiting the menu to fried chicken sandwiches and curly fries. Helming the kitchen is Chef-Consultant Blair Warsham, whose impressive pedigree includes time at The Restaurant at Meadowood. With an approachable price point, The Bird’s value-driven menu was strategically developed to counter the rising dining cost in the Bay Area’s current climate.

The Bird’s Chicken Sandwich is made with boneless, free range, and air chilled chicken thighs that are then breaded in a spicy, gluten-free mix and topped with a slaw made with apple, celery, onion, and purple cabbage. The sandwich is offered at $8 with Housemade Curly Fries which are available plain or “fully loaded” with Applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and green onions. The Bird is now open as an affordable option for lunch and dinner at 115 New Montgomery Street Monday through Friday from 10:30am – 8:00pm.


Following the recent opening of The Bird, BACK OF THE HOUSE introduced its newest concept on Monday, November 28: a full-service Mexican concept named Flores. Helmed by Paganini, General Manager Luis Flores (operating partner, Uno Dos Tacos), and Executive Chef Alejandro “Alex” Morgan (executive chef and partner, Lolinda and El Techo), Flores serves traditional Mexican food and contemporary cocktails in a subtly edgy yet sophisticated and playful environment. The Marina district restaurant stays true to General Manager Flores’ Mexican roots, finding inspiration in Mexico’s food, landscape, and culture. While the food errs on the side of sophistication, the atmosphere embodies fun and celebration with an assortment of patterns and textures to represent Mexico’s many regions.

At Flores, Chef Morgan makes tortillas by hand out of fresh masa. Tortillas accompany a number of dishes, including Mole Negro Poblano with chicken breast, cocoa, and guajillo sauce served with tortillas and pickled onions; Enchiladas de Pato Confitado with duck confit wrapped in a homemade tortilla, served with salsa verde; and Carnitas served with rice, beans, salsa, pickles, and fresh tortillas. Paganini’s team has also worked with local muralists, artists, and metalworkers to create the Mexican tile, artwork, and traditional white plaster walls found throughout the space. Flores can be described as an extension of the home kitchen, your favorite beachside restaurant, and the town center – all rolled into one space designed for a wide variety of uses.

Flores is now open for dinner at 2030 Union Street, adjacent to BACK OF THE HOUSE’s Belgian-inspired favorite, Belga.

Adriano Paganini’s BACK OF THE HOUSE family currently includes Belga, Beretta, Delarosa, El Techo, Flores, Lolinda, Starbelly, Super Duper Burgers, The Bird, and Uno Dos Tacos. For more information, visit www.backofthehouseinc.com to sign up for the weekly “Friday Five” newsletter and follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.